How long should my chainring last?

The telltale sound of a worn front ring is often a grinding noise which in some cases can be felt at the pedals under load while climbing in easier gears. So, how long should a ring last? That's not a really easy question to answer. Read below for more.

There are a large number of variables that go into how long a chainring will last. This makes it difficult to give a specific number of hours or miles before needing replacement. Some of those variables include riding conditions, chainring size, and drivetrain maintenance. 

With the advent of modern 1x drivetrains, chainrings do need to be replaced more regularly than when 3x or 2x systems were the norm. This is due to wear occurring only on 1 ring rather than being spread out over 2 or 3 rings. Additionally, smaller 1x chainring sizes are also common which also increases wear speed - a 28T ring will wear about 15% faster than a 32t. 

Also keep in mind that with smaller front chainrings, there may be cases where you will need to replace your ring due to wear before your chain is worn to a point requiring replacement. 

The best thing you can do is keep your drivetrain clean & well lubed and regularly check the chain for wear. 


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