What's up with your integrated 7sp cassette?

The 7sp cassette isn't a standalone product, but rather part of a hub and cassette system. You must run the cassette with the matching hub and vise versa. The hub uses wider flange spacing to utilize the added space provided by the smaller cassette. This builds a stronger wheel with a wider spoke base.

The cassette can be replaced as it wears.

Tooth counts on the cassette are: 9-10-12-14-16-18-21

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    julien haller


    Can you explain how to disassemble the 7sp cassette from the wheel in order to service the hub ?

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    julien haller

    Never mind, I found how to do it.
    For people wanting to remove the cassette/freehub body, you have to unscrew the non-drive side end cap while holding the other end cap. Once the ND end cap has ben removed, you can pull out the cassette/freehub body with the axle.
    To go a bit further, you can remove the axle from the body by sliding it gently through the body. Then remove the pawls and the seal to have access to the bolts holding the 9-18 cog with the 21 cog/freehub.

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    Gabor Gergely

    How many speed shifter/rear mech. should I use if not a dh specific 7 speed? Is it compatible with 10 or 11 speed system?

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